Celebrating The Flavours Of Our First Nations People

Jala Jala Treats is a 100% First Nations Owned Business

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Our Vision

For Jala Jala to empower Australian First Nations people to heal from past traumas and grow into business leaders and tell their stories through authentic products and services creating more Australian First Nations owned businesses.


Our Purpose

To tell the story of Australia’s First Nations people.

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Our Mission

To use ethically sourced Australian native ingredients to educate, communicate, collaborate and showcase First Nations people and our foods globally.

To run a sustainably conscious business.

To be a leader in empowering First Nations women in business.

To support and collaborate with other authentic First Nations businesses to help leverage us all.

To be the leading 100% First Nations owned Australian brand in the Native food business sector.

To see the number of First Nations food businesses increase to 20% within the Native food business sector.

To expose Black Cladding as an industry harming First Nations businesses.

To employ a minimum of 85% First Nations people.

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